Danny is a certified personal trainer who graduated in 2013 from American Academy of Personal Training located in Boston.

Danny manages customer relations at Soul Warrior Consulting and is proud of his ability to build rapport with people. He loves to build emotional connections with clients. Danny joined the Company because he believes in the mind, body and soul connection and how to help clients find their inner warrior. He is a passionate person who loves the world of fitness and nutrition and provides support for the fitness and nutrition staff.

He maintains his physique by working out at the gym on a steady basis. He is disciplined with his nutrition and follows nutrition plans to maintain both his weight and physique.

Danny enjoys reading books about self- improvement and mindfulness. Practicing meditation in his spare time is a good way for him to think and relieve stress.

Danny loves pop up restaurants and food truck festivals. He loves to try all types of food and one of his favorite food dishes is Korean fried chicken.

He has a red nose pit bull, who is 10 years old and Danny is a huge advocate of educating people about the nature of the breed.