Personal Training, Semi-Private Training

& StrongYOU™ Group Sessions

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Semi-Private Training

All plans start with a Complimentary Consultation

Semi Private Coaching is ideal for you if you want to achieve real results & sustainable fat loss, feel more motivated as part of a group.   This allows you to workout with friends or family members together or jump into one of our current Semi-Private Training Groups.  You’ll work alongside a group of 2-4 individuals to accomplish your health and fat loss goals.
  • Monthly Health & Fitness Testing
  • Nutritional Analysis & System
  • Initial one-to-one ‘set up’
  • Lifestyle Analysis & Plan

Personal Training

All plans start with a Complimentary Consultation

One on one coaching is ideal for you if you need more of a personal approach to your training, mindset and nutrition. You’ll work with one of our Master Trainers personally to assess your current situation and together, you will discover fast, safe and effective ways to help you burn, stubborn fat, feel more energized and accomplish your goals.
  • Monthly Health & Fitness Testing
  • Nutritional Analysis & System
  • Food shopping coaching
  • Lifestyle Analysis & Plan
  • One-to-one Sessions

 StrongYOU™ Group Training Sessions

Strong YOU Fitness Training has come from years of our own training; it comes from our experience in Bodybuilding, Strongman Training, Powerlifting, Obstacle Course Training, and Olympic Lifting & Boot Camp Workouts. We have taken the best from all of them and put them into an order that generates amazing progress.
There is a format here and we will help you stay on track with our accountability trackers. You will keep track of your workouts, and the weights you use. Doing this allows you to make progress by looking back and seeing that you need to increase your weights, which is where results happen!

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​If you commit and do everything within our coaching program, we are going to provide you with every tool you need to succeed and be there with you every step of the way
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