Eric Natale

Eric Natale is a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has over five years of personal training and coaching experience and is accustomed to working with people of all ages. He has had a passion for fitness starting at a young age, learning to lift weights and understand more about strength training in his early teenage years. He chose the personal training profession so he could help adults and children reach their goals and realize what they are capable of doing and how they can reach their potential.

As he was growing up, he played multiple sports including football, lacrosse, basketball, track, and wrestling. Football was his favorite sport, playing from the age of 7 until his junior year of college. While attending college, he developed more knowledge and passion for fitness and was fortunate to be coached by sports coaches who helped guide him along the way. They taught him the discipline it takes to be a personal trainer and a true professional.

In his free time, he loves to be around all types of sports and working with young athletes. He is an avid gamer who also nature hikes.